Kanya Gurukul Mahavidyalaya a girls boarding school , was founded on 8th November , 1923 at Delhi by Acharya Ramdev Ji, one of the pioneers of Arya Samaj, as a campus of women's education, which was shifted to Dehradun on 1st may ,1927 and is still going strong . It encompasses Classes from Ist Grade to 12th Grade. It also offers Bachelors and Masters programs for various arts and science streams apart from Professional Post Graduate courses viz.,M.B.A ,M.B.E and M.B.F.

The college has resourceful, well informed and dedicated faculty. The college is housed in an old British Style Colonial building with adequate infrastructure for library and laboratories. The college offers a wide range of extra curricular activities from traditional to the contemporary to enable the students achieve their full potential by organizing cultural events, sports and religious programs. The student body comprises of students of diverse cultural, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds viz., U.P, Rajasthan,Delhi,Bihar,M.P,Punjab,Orissa,Kashmir and Assam as well as from countries outside India viz.,Nepal,Burma, Africa,Kuwait,Baghdad,Basra,Singapore and China..Its foundation is based on principles advocated by Arya Samaj, which has been advocating women’s education since the day it was founded as part of its policies for the up-liftment of women in the country.The College was founded exclusively by Acharya Ramdev who helped collect and donate 21 Acre of land in 1922 with a female strength of 5 students.

AIM : Kanya Gurukul, exclusively for girls aims to provide modern, affordable, quality education with traditional and ancient ‘Sanskaras’ giving due importance to vedic education and yoga, a proper development of their personalities, health and character building, encouraging students to adopt simple living and high thinking, promoting their positive attitude and creating awareness among them about culture and society. . The basic task before the Vidyalaya is to enhance the physical, moral and intellectual strength of girls and thus to make them ideal citizens and torchbearers of a Modern Indian Family, by giving them education of ancient and modern subjects, without any discrimination of caste and creed and untouchability on the pattern of Gurukula system of education which emphasizes healthy and harmonious teacher-taught relationship The mission of the institution is to become the laboratory for empowering women and learning and teaching the skill of leadership and excellence.

LOCATION: Kanya Gurukul is set amidst a sprawling Campus in the lap of nature, away from the pollution of city and market providing a very calm and academic atmosphere. Its, an example, of holistic environment where the mind and soul of children are nurtured to carry forward their tradition and values while adopting modern and innovative thinking and developing a positive and open mind . It is situated in the upmarket location of Rajpur Road at the distance of 5 Kilometer from the Railway Station.



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